Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Magic Books Talking books is a very well-planned software comprising of K-12 Content in very interesting easy and logical way, which is in housed in an 7 inch android tablet. The content is in such a way that it will not only increase the interest about the subject but will also develop the concepts and can also judge the knowledge about any topic. The content is completely CBSE mapped, so will not...
GyanEra GyanEra provide the Complete solution for K-12 Content. GyanEra provide the Role wise Content according to the requirement. e.g. Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle School, High School, Intermediate "GyanEra" also provide the Quizzes, Workbook, 3D Animation, Video, Virtual Lab, Interactive Animation etc. “GyanEra” Improves teacher effectiveness and productivity in class. It...
CAAS CAAS is "Computer Aided Administrative System for Institutes". "CAAS" is an ERP. CAAS Collects and combines data from separate modules to provide better communication with enterprise resources planning. Implementation of CAAS will make an institutes completely automated and integrated thus reducing duplicacy of data and making system effective. Potential benefits include; effective flow...


DNS Education ERP are designed to automate all the internal and external processes of an organization and also help in improving communication among Stockholders, Customer, Supplier, Management, and Employee.


DNS Education Private Limited is empowering the reconceptualization of K-12 education’s mission, process and content. DNS educationists are using Animation and Graphics for basic concept building for students.

Competitive Exams

Engineering - IIT, AIEEE

Medical - AIMS



Computer Aided Administrative System for Institutes

CAAS is designed to automate all the internal and external processes of an institution and thus to make it more efficient effective by improving communication among Management, Teachers Students, Parents and Alumni.


For Interactive Classrooms

A step to bringing the JOY of Study Back
“GyanEra” is empowering the re-conceptualization of K-12 education’s process and content.
GyanEra is using animation and graphics for basic concept building for students.



We should Study to Learn, to Know, to Understand the world & for the sake of the Joy that it gives us.

DNS Education is a step to bring the JOY of study Back.

In DNS we are in an expedition to create solutions which will help the education industry in general and the student community in particular.


Computer Aided Administrative System for Institutes

It Improves Communication internally and externally(IVM)


The Biometric Attendance and Access Control Systems (ACS) not only track day to day attendance recording, but also restrict unauthorized access to the prohibited areas.


Inventory management software
It maintains the status of items or stock available in a company or firm and efficiently generates inventory reports.